• Image of  Hydromax X30 XTREME
  • Image of  Hydromax X30 XTREME
Hydromax X30 XTREME

The Hydromax X30 Xtreme by Bathmate is a revolutionary penis pump designed for the extremely serious penis enlargement user. The Hydromax Xtreme is the same size as the current X30. The Xtreme model just takes it all to a new level allowing much preciser control and giving you the gains you have always wanted. With the addition of the hand pump it means compression on your groin is no longer necessary when pumping other than to create a seal against your body. This means using the pump is now even easier than before. If you are serious about Penis Enlargement, then you will want to get yourself a Hydromax Xtreme model for serious size gains.
Included with the Hydromax X30 Extreme:

Hydromax Xtreme Penis Pump
Handball Pump and Hose
Hydromax Towel
Large Luxury case
Cleaning Brush
Shower Strap
Measuring Gauge
Hydromax Lube
Long Insert Comfort Pad